Target Markets - Call Centers, financial services, retail

For mass recruiters it is very easy to turn away potentially good people because the selection system is not set up to do a quick in depth analysis (mapping) of the hundreds of applicants going in and out the company doors everyday. HRVision offers a solution for mass recruitment that allows you to completely map one candidate's suitability to any number of jobs with the highest level of predictive validity in just 90 minutes through the use of a unique artificial intelligence element embedded in the profile.


  • Creates multiple profiles for a single position
  • Ability to identify a larger number of potential high performers from same number of applicants
  • Enables predicting performance for candidates against existing workers
  • Lets you test one candidate for suitability against any job in the company
  • Allows you to map candidate for potential leadership and management capabilities at entry level


  • 60-90 minute test yields immediate results (graphic & written)
  • Multimedia non biased test (including integrity) done on web
  • Performance evaluation parameters tied directly to hiring standards

What are clients saying?

  • A leading Israeli satellite television company reduced its employee turnover by 48%.
  • A UK insurance company lowered its attrition rate from 50% to 12% in just one year, thereby reducing by 33%, the number of training courses required for new employees.
  • A leading Middle East telecommunications corporation reported doubling the number of candidates accepted for employment despite the enhanced sophistication intrinsic to the selection.
  • A prominent European banking institution attributed a 15% overall increase in teller productivity to the use of the SavvyRecruiter.

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