Savvy Integrity test

Utilizing sophisticated response latency analysis to predict the predisposition of candidates toward counterproductive job behavior, the SavvyIntegrity module measures attitudes and gauges past behavior in relation to the following constructs:

  • Theft
  • Bribery
  • Gambling
  • Substance abuse
  • Loyalty
  • Accountability

The test is fully automated, and runs on a multimedia platform that engages candidates in a series of predetermined questions. The system "learns" about the candidate in real time, tailoring the test to individually generated limited response times based on answers to previous questions in the same construct. The applicants’ responses are measured by means of latent response technology that detects attempts at response distortion, impression management and countermeasure.

The integrity test, composed of both implicative queries and questions regarding past behavior, employs progressive technology that weighs the responses according to the individual’s actual work experience (i.e., more work experience means more weight given to past behavior; less work experience means more weight given to implicative questioning).

All of the questions, including a series of control questions, are paired in sophisticated multifaceted algorithms that together, in their various juxtapositions, reach an extremely high level of validity in predicting an applicant's propensity toward dishonesty (0.92 in comparative testing with polygraph testing on each of the individual constructs examined).


  • Formulated questions based on advanced interviewing and investigative methods
  • Sophisticated algorithm for scoring responses (including combinations of responses to different questions
  • Precise measurement of deviations in response time to test questions (identifies when examinee tries to adapt answers to those expected)
  • Threshold and weighted evaluation system (based on job description/organizational values)
  • Detailed graphical results
  • 21 minute test
  • User friendly, Non invasive
  • Adaptable to individual user
  • Multilingual, multicultural, unbiased


  • Highly accurate and reliable integrity assessment
  • Improved organizational profitability
  • Effective prediction of a wide range of behavior, including supervisory ratings of overall performance
Link to Test Demo