Savvy methodology

HRVision’s unique Savvy Methodology, which is used to identify the right candidate for a job, is based on an unconventional approach: Each organization possesses all the information that is needed to make the right hire. And HRVision’s groundbreaking solution, employs a methodology that taps the organizational knowledge and creates a tailor-made model that optimizes the assessment process.
The organization assesses current employers in the relevant job – thus using real life information about job performance and success standards. These comparative evaluations of workers alongside the respective Savvy Test results provide the key to optimally defining an organizational-specific job profile.

Input Process

  1. Testing existing employees via SavvyRecruiter
  2. Evaluating their job performance (a minimum statistical sample is required)
  3. The combination of attributes deemed necessary for optimal job performance is then analyzed.

Output Process

  1. Results of this analysis are then used to generate a complex formula that yields a set of rules that can be applied to candidates for a specific job.
  2. Each candidate is tested vis-à-vis the organization’s standards, and evaluated vis-à-vis the existing population of employees that has formed the basis of the study.
  3. The results produced in the form of a clear graphic profile allow the organization to measure a candidate’s future performance relative to current workers, or to create new benchmarks for top job performance.

Using this method as an analysis tool, personnel involved in the hiring process are then able to set appropriate standards for the organization by establishing a framework from which to empirically determine the qualities of a future candidate. Since the results are easily understandable, they can easily determine whether the candidate is indeed the best choice for the position.