Competency Profiling

The basic aim of any competency profiling tool is to build a robust model by scoring specific competencies (cluster of related attributes and behaviors) and then tie those clusters to identifiable business processes. Although this looks easy enough, linking employee actions and behaviors to business drivers and then translating them into competency profiles, tends to be problematic. This is because competency building involves many stages and is largely dependent on human perception and intuition - leaving much room for error. Furthermore, because the competency building process relies on obtaining information relating to a comprehensive understanding about a job, the competency profile can only be as accurate and strong as the job analysis tool utilized in the process.

HRVision´s SavvyRecruiter Platform enables formulating, defining and measuring organizational competencies per job using one transparent application. The competency profiling mechanism for defining and testing unique and specific organizational competenciesis:

  • Defined by sets of attributes
  • Measured non-linearly to meet organizational requirements
  • Highly Professional + User friendly
  • Flexible tool
  • Clear graphic, color reporting system

HRVision Competency White Paper