Building blocks

The unique Savvy Methodology is utilized to the fullest by use of one integrated platform that ties all the main components of the assessment process together: profiling, testing and reporting. These building blocks can then be used interchangeably and transparently to provide tailored solutions per job position.

All of HRVision’s suite of state-of-the-art employment assessment solutions are based on the utilization of the Savvy Recruiter test module that is inherent to the system.

HRVision prides itself on being at the technological forefront of the selection tool product offerings. As a result, extensive financial and developmental efforts are made to ensure that the battery of tests will offer the optimal vehicle for testing suitability for a designated job. This ongoing process is achieved using the rational approach that demonstrates direct linkage between test and job. Using HRVision's expert judgment and experience with job analysis and profiling, the test modules are continually upgraded and validated in order to maintain the high performance on the job prediction levels it offers its clients.

The building blocks of HRVision come together to provide the most sophisticated yet easy to facilitate selection tool based on the following guidelines:

  • In-house candidate assessment – This gives organizations the speed, flexibility and independence to manage their recruitment processes much more efficiently.
  • Multi-level candidate assessment – The ability to make the right selection for each job is crucial, since each position, regardless of its level within the hierarchy, significantly impacts organizational performance.
  • High prediction accuracy levels – HRVision harnesses data mining and modeling technologies that deliver unprecedented levels of prediction accuracy.
  • Computing environment compatibility – HRVision solutions are available in a range of options, from a stand-alone, intranet or internet.
  • True multinational/multilingual/multicultural assessment –increasing globalization of the industrial world, necessitates multilingual, nonbiased testing without comprising prediction accuracy.