SavvyExpert System

SavvyExpert, the first employment assessment solution based on a non-linear algorithm for predicted validity (download the SavvyExpert white paper to learn more), sets out to empirically tie a job profile to the demands of the actual work environment. This is accomplished by incorporating information tapped from the organization itself regarding in-house performance benchmarks (i.e. job study). SavvyExpert creates organization-specific job profiles to match current jobs within the organization by comparing assessment test results to job performance criteria (as rated by the employers) from a sample group of existing employees working in the same position. The result, attained via unique optimization modeling capabilities, is a tailor-made set of rules that define performance benchmarks for the particular job based on the combination of traits and skills the candidate should possess to succeed in that position.

The job study results yield immediate, clear-cut conclusions regarding the candidate’s fit with the company, enabling SavvyExpert to achieve between a 50-100% increase in validity over existing assessment methods and 30-40% improved hiring predictability.


  • Improved system effectiveness with the addition of every new candidate
  • Built-in evaluation system that integrates testing scores with organizational evaluations
  • Automatic identification of most important tests that affect each job profile
  • Exceptions detection- ability to focus on the discrepancy between workers’ abilities and the organization’s evaluation system
  • Clear graphic, color reporting system


  • ”Bottom line” evaluation of candidate’s suitability
  • Improved screening of potential employees.
  • Better assessment of existing employees for promotion.
  • Significantly higher predictive validity for job performance.
  • Job profile creation according to organizational norms and culture.
  • Optimization of candidate’s suitability against several job profiles at once.
  • Reduced hiring, training and HR costs.