Profiling Tools - Wizard

Representing the Next Generation of job analysis tools, SavvyWizard is a unique job-profiling device that was designed to allow for automatic in house creation of organization specific job profiles by defining core elements that most keenly affect job performance.

Embedded in the HRVision software as an online questionnaire, SavvyWizard assists the work manager, supervisor or HR personnel in breaking down the specified job into components that are measured and weighted with respect to their importance in the job. Ticking off responses to the Job Analysis Wizard results in a highly accurate job profile that mirrors the individual and unique nuances inherent to each job position. This is done by a unique mechanism that translates the job analysis directly into the correlative attributes housed within the ancillary SavvyRecruiter test battery. The resulting profile includes the set of tests most relevant for the job, along with a unique scoring algorithm, which calculates and indicates the suitability of the candidates in the ensuing predictive performance report.

How does it work?

Managers are requested to report on the frequency and importance of various tasks and activities so as to provide the grounds for the specification analysis to follow. At the culmination of the information gathering stage, the job analysis responses are automatically analyzed (using a sophisticated and extensive repository of professional expertise) taking into account the way in which the role and task in question are shaped within the specific organization and under which environment the tasks are performed.

What are the layers of the Job Analysis?

  • Job Complexity
  • Level of Autonomy and Independence
  • Nature of Interpersonal Relationships
  • Nature of the Job Environment

This 4 layer analysis subsequently discerns and identifies the multifaceted requirements of the job in all its aspects, and automatically assigns the appropriate personality and psychometric tests relating to each of those requirements from the SavvyRecruiter module.

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