September 2011- A One Step Online Recruitment & Job Placement Service

HRVision is pleased to launch Jobbing, a unique online recruiting service for one step job placement. Groundbreaking in concept and methodology, the patented technology matches candidates to jobs within one hour via a unique candidate filtering system. Geared for the fastest growing job market for sales and service positions, Jobbing significantly cuts the labor intensive and complex process of sourcing and assessing candidates for both recruiter and job seeker alike.

The solution is considered revolutionary in that a highly sophisticated assessment process is facilitated by the job seeker from home via facebook, by the completion of a short questionnaire and 40 minute computerized personality and abilities test. The system then analyzes the job seeker's results and compares them to a sophisticated job position database, each with its own job abilities and specific logistical requirements (location, hours, salary, education). Within one hour, the candidate is privy to all jobs for which he has passed the assessment (job suitability) threshold.

In contrast to current existing job search sites which do a superficial job of matching resumes to different companies, Jobbing facilitates the execution of the most complex part of the recruiting process (high level specific selection) while the candidate is still at home. "It is no wonder that according to current statistics only 10% of job seekers will find jobs using traditional job boards – whereas Jobbing, candidates will have a 70% chance of landing the job most suited for them in the quickest way possible" says Emmanuel Cohen, founder and developer of HRVision's new service. "The implications for both reducing time and cost of finding the best candidates are far reaching and game changing for the entire recruitment market".

Jobbing ( was developed by HRVision, one of the leading suppliers in the field of online employee assessment solutions. The company, previously providing solutions to organizations recruiting employees, now adds to its basket of products and services, unique job placement service for job seekers and recruiters alike. HRVision plans to extend this service to the rest of its active global markets.

August 2011- Retail Pro Announces Strategic Business Alliance with HRVision Ltd
Folsom, CA (July XX, 2011)- Retail Pro International, LLC, a global leader in Point of Sale (POS), Store Operations, Merchandising, Planning, Business Intelligence, and Payment Processing software applications for the specialty retail industry, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with HRVision Ltd., an innovative next generation employee assessment solutions provider. Headquartered in Israel, and known around the globe for their highly predictive tools in the field of employee assessment, HRVision will be complementing Retail Pro's current product suite with their highly accurate cost effective, retail recruiting solutions.
"Even though the economy started recovering last year", comments Mike Bishop, Vice President Business and Partner Development, Retail Pro International, LLC., “according to the NRF Global Retail Theft Barometer 2010 report, shrinkage actually rose in 2010. In fact, in the US, Canada, and Australia employee theft was estimated to be greater than shoplifting losses -- accounting for 35.3% of all shrinkage, or $37.8 billion. Bishop continued, "In the retail segment where loss prevention is crucial to financial viability, Retail Pro International, LLC. recognizes the need to offer our merchants and customers new recruiting technologies that can effectively address the 'integrity in the workplace' issue."
SavvyIntegrity is HRVision’s SaaS tool for the recruiting or loss-prevention division of an organization. It has high sensitivity to theft and fraud and lets recruiters identify potentially dishonest candidates before they become employees. Unlike existing assessment tools (i.e., interviews, references, pen and paper tests) that are not able to elicit precise scoring of integrity levels in the pre-screening process, or that are extremely invasive and can only be used post-event (i.e., polygraph, CCTV), SavvyIntegrity is a highly accurate and non-invasive tool to recognize persons with a propensity to invite losses and damage to organization by their nature and activities.
Utilizing proven and patented technology, the SavvyIntegrity system extends recruiters' ability to immediately identify the level of integrity of candidates. Based on sophisticated algorithmic scoring plus advanced response and tracking measurement, this non-biased, user-friendly testing solution enables the recruiter in overcoming the limits of human intelligence in discerning a lack of integrity on the part of candidates. ”Retail Pro has a history of proffering its customers and business partners products that solve real-world retail challenges, and represent the best-of-breed technology,” said Kerry Lemos, CEO of Retail Pro International, “and, as comprehensive solution providers, we are pleased to partner with a company making new inroads in loss prevention technology.”
Ami Rosenblat, CEO HRVision adds, "Retail Pro customers can now choose to just as accurately screen their potential candidates without the cost and complexity associated with lengthy intensive screening. The 20 minute web based test can be a game changer for retailers, who are hard pressed to stem the critical losses incurred by dishonest employees. "
January 2011– HRVision Announces Fraud Resistant Remote Testing Devic
Developed to meet the growing demand for verifiable online pre-employment testing , HRVision Ltd. has developed SavvyTester, a remote assessment facilitator with a built in mechanism to prevent test taker fraud. "Aimed to reduce the time and cost of in-house pre-employment assessment, online testing is not considered a new technology", says Ami Rosenblat, CEO HRVision. "However, although organizations are technologically ready to test prospective candidates from home, companies have refrained from doing so, for fear of not knowing who actually would perform the test." Designed to diminish these common credibility concerns surrounding remote testing, HRVision has developed a unique device to ascertain if the applicant who shows up at the company - is indeed the individual who remotely performed the test. Informing the candidate of this feature at the outset of test taking, further deters the candidate from having someone else perform the test. Developed to meet continued customer demand for their high level selection technologies, SavvyTester enables utilizing remote testing as a trusted source for accurate job candidate matching.
February 2010– HRVision Ltd. Appoints New Zealand Distributor for SavvyIntegrity
HRVision has selected Personal Verification Ltd (PVL) headed by Craig Gubbins as their distributor for their SavvyIntegrity product in New Zealand and the surrounding Asia Pacific region. Mr. Craig Gubbins, the founder of PVL and a certified expert on forensic pre-employment screening focuses on providing employers in New Zealand and Asia Pacific with a prescreening service which enables his clients to feel confident about their recruitment decisions. Looking to leverage the growing multinational recruiting trend, PVL chose SavvyIntegrity as their product of choice from other existing solutions owing to the product's flexibility, ease of use and level of sophistication. Says Craig Gubbins, " We were looking to team up with a company that offers an internet based integrity tool that is clearly one step ahead of all other competing products in its degree of innovative technology and user friendliness. This fits in with PVL's strategy to provide the most advanced integrity testing tools available."
November 2009- DHL Chooses SavvyExpert as their Assessment Tool of Choice
HRVision is pleased to announce that DHL Israel, world class international courier service, has selected the HRVision solution for their assessment / selection needs. Eager to upgrade their existing selection system with more advanced technologies, Human Resources management at DHL recognized the value that SavvyExpert could bring to their selection process with regard to such key personnel as couriers, call center agents and service reps. Says Batsheva Gottlieb, recruiting manager for DHL "The concept of utilizing actual performance parameters to create specific job profiles seemed like a welcome change from the usual assessment center or raw test scoring results that the market is used to. I liked the fact that this solution immediately identifies high performing individuals who are similar to my best performers and that everything is done online".
June 2009 –HRVision Release SavvyRecruiter Version 3.5
Following intensive research & development efforts HRVision is pleased to announce the release of SavvyRecruiter Version 3.5. Aiming to provide the most advanced, yet easy to use assessment solution HRVision has implemented essential infrastructural and functional upgrades in the software platform that meet the market need for 'easy to install and run ' and highly secured technology (the new infrastructure is based on state of art Microsoft technologies, like .NET, WPF and Silverlight). Additionally, maintaining their traditionally focus on providing highly accurate levels of job performance prediction, HRVision has enhanced their interactive test battery with 3 additional tests that maximize the highly intelligent analysis needed for optimal sales and service assessment. Says Ami Rosenblat, CEO HRVision, "Version 3.5 was created in response to focused global customer feedback who let us know exactly what they were looking for – a user friendly high effective mass recruiting solution."
April 2009 – HRVision Develops State of the Art Occupational Interest Test
HRVision is proud to announce the addition of a unique and innovative Savvy Occupational Interest module to their interactive battery of SavvyRecruiter tests. Based on Professor John Holland's theory, this test checks a person's specific level of preference for work in 6 different occupational environments: technical, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and administrative. Unlike other occupational interests tests in which results are derived from a person's self reported written responses, HRVision has leveraged their technological expertise to create subliminally presented test questions on an interactive multimedia platform. This unique presentation of material decreases significantly the test taker's ability to affect social desirability – the act of molding answers to fit required responses. Says Professor Lilach Sagiv of Hebrew University, "HRVision has created a sophisticated but easy to use tool right on their existing assessment platform to be utilized as key factor in occupational interests decision making and relevant job suitability issues".
March 2009 -Schestowitz Selects HRVision's SavvyExpert for Employee Assessment
Marketing high end prestige cosmetics as well as world class brands – (Kellogs, Palmolive, Colgate, Johnson & Johnson, etc.), to more than 6000 points of sales, Schestowitz, a major Israeli retail company has chosen HRVision's SavvyExpert as its employee assessment tool of choice. Aiming to streamline, and optimize the existing recruiting process, Schestowitz opted to go with HRVision's solution to screen all potential candidates for the job of selling top line cosmetics and sundries to Israeli chain stores and pharmacies. Convinced that the highly intelligent job profiles created by built in data mining techniques is the most technologically advanced selection system available, management at Schestowitz was confident that Savvyexpert was the solution that they were looking for. "Matching candidates against existing workers' actual performance ratings, enabled individual recruiters to quickly identify top performers who would be successful in actually making sales" says, Meirav Cohen, Head of Recruiting at Schestowitz. "Additionally, the fact that the internet based multimedia testing platform is a flexible and user friendly application, allowed 'on the go' recruiters wherever they are to easily test candidates and give a go/no go answer on the spot with the highest degree of precision".
April 2008 - 3 Bezeq Companies Adapt HRVision Assessment Solution
Following a growing trend among prominent call centers in Israel, 3 companies belonging to the Bezeq Group, Israel's National Telecommunications provider, have adapted HRVision's SavvyRecruiter system in an effort to upgrade and streamline their recruiting process. Like other call centers seeking to reduce turnover, cut costs and increase worker productivity, these Bezeq companies (YES' Bezeq BenLeumi and Bezeq Ltd.) turned to the HRVision solution in the hope of finding a selection tool to replace the less than satisfactory assessment centers being used up until now to screen candidates. Positive market feedback circulating in the Israeli call center market with regard to decisive results obtained with the HRVision system prompted these companies to join other call centers using this unique Expert system. "YES, Bezeq BenLeumi and Bezeq Ltd. are all important additions to our call center target market" says Sandy Erez, Director of Marketing. "The fact that this telecommunications giant has undertaken the use of artificial intelligence in the profile building process reflects the general market direction towards the incorporation of more strategic performance oriented assessment options like SavvyRecruiter".
March 2008 - HRVision Ltd. Delivers Integrity Test for the Arabic Market
In a response to the increasing demand from its growing list of clients in Israel, HRVision Ltd. has recently expanded their range of language specific applications to include an integrity test for Israel 's Arabic speaking population. In addition to the existing Russian, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese and Dutch versions, the Arabic integrity test will now be available for the worldwide and Israeli companies in the various markets segments (retail, finance, call centers, services and industry) that employ SavvyIntegrity as their pre-screening device of choice in the selection process. Easily aiding recruiters in the selection of candidates for employment, HRVision's fully integrated, internet based system utilizes sophisticated technology on a user friendly, multimedia testing and reporting platform - making it the most advanced and widespread integrity testing system in the world.
Jan 2008 - UK Insurance Co. Minimizes Turnover with Savvy Recruiter
A major UK insurance company deploying HRVision's SavvyRecruiter as its call centre assessment tool has reported a dramatic reduction in staff turnover despite a less than 12 months implementation in the field. Now regarded as a strategic component of the recruitment process, the highly intelligent job profiles are linked to a multimedia testing platform to provide one integrated system with which to screen all potential employees. "Thanks to the way SavvyExpert was able to accurately pinpoint the right mix of attributes in the ideal candidate, line managers were quickly able to see a difference in the quality of candidates being put forward for interview" says Tim Hodder, of Effectivate, the UK distributor for Savvy Recruiter system . "Additionally, the recruiting managers noted a serious reduction in the number of ‘troublesome’ employees, owing to the utilization of the SavvyIntegrity module in the selection process". Despite the recruitment process becoming more selective, the system's sophisticated generation of multiple profiles per job enables a higher percentage of applicants for acceptance.
July 2007- HRVision Ltd Launches HRVision Mexico
As the suppliers of the most advanced assessment solutions in Latin America, HRVision Ltd. is currently launching its subsidiary, HRVision S.A. de C.V. ( to meet the demands of their growing Mexican and Latin American markets. With over 250,000 SavvyRecruiter Assessment and Integrity software tests already sold in this region alone, HRVision Ltd. is establishing an HRVision presence in Mexico in order to facilitate hands on support of products and services to their rapidly expanding base of clientele. Selene Morales, formerly holding key roles in leading international and local companies such as Adobe, 3COM, and Microsoft Mexico, will be leading the subsidiary. Says Selene Morales, “I am keen to be a part of this dynamic company that offers the Latin American market such highly predictive tools in assessment, competency mapping, placement and mobility. Additionally, the HRVision unique integrity solution, already known well in this market, will continue to provide increased value for the local business world long seeking a cost effective solution to the widespread ‘integrity in the workplace’ challenge. " "We are very confident that HRVisionMexico will optimally leverage the HRVision unique product offering in a ‘coming of age’ market" states Ami Rosenblat, CEO of HRVision Ltd. "Having enjoyed considerable sales success since 2001 in both in businesses and government agencies in Mexico has prompted us to increase our investment in Mexico and the region . By opening our own office, and utilizing highly skillful staff to support our customers, we will be optimally able to meet the growing needs in the employee selection domain."
June 2007 - HRVision Releases SavvyRecruiter Version 3.2
Developed in response to recent market trends towards versatile selection solutions, SavvyRecruiter Version 3.2 brings the HRVision assessment product up to the next level with several novel and innovative features. Among the new features is LightSavvyClient, a remote assessment tool developed to support and facilitate integrated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in an increasingly global oriented market. Aimed to counteract the logistic difficulties associated with a lack of testing facilities, this product ensures a more effective candidate filtering process by enabling examinees to perform specified tests from their home or any remote environment. Additionally, Version 3.2 introduces a first of its kind competency profiling platform that gives organizations a mechanism to define, select and integrate various trait based competencies (competency profiling tool) in relation to a specific job. Unlike other existing competency profilers, the HRVision tool differentiates itself by being the only mechanism that automatically generates a weighted competency test battery and report based on the same elements used in the competency creation process.
March 2007 - HRVision Announces Remote Assessment Tool
HRVision Ltd. has recently announced the addition of SavvyLightClient, a remote assessment tool developed to support the widely growing human resources management trend towards integrated Application Tracking Systems (ATS). Aimed to counteract the logistic difficulties encountered in various organizations with regard to testing facilities (e.g., lack of infrastructure in satellite retail and fast food operations) this product enables candidates to perform specified selection tests from their home or any remote environment. Utilizing minimal computer resources and entailing an easy setup procedure, a candidates' designated test battery can now be accessed from any location with a user name and password sent to them by the host organization. Once the test has been performed, the program automatically removes itself from the candidates' computer without a trace but not without first having stored and encrypted the test results in the host organization's database. Furthermore, by incorporating an optional "pause on fail" integrity test in the test battery, the SavvyLightClient can be utilized as a primary screening tool for a wide population, by transparently filtering out potentially dishonest employees with an automatic cessation of the testing process upon a failed integrity result. Utilizing the integrity test alone, or as part of the comprehensive testing battery SavvyLightClient can be seamlessly bundled into the full hiring process without the presence of the candidate required at the testing phase.
January 2007 - European Retailers Employing SavvyIntegrity Testing System
Increasingly aware of the tremendous negative impact that employee theft has on business profits (30.4 % of total shrinkage figures), European retailers have begun to employ integrity testing as a way of minimizing internal employee theft within their organization. This trend as reported in the largest retail survey ever taken, " The European Retail Theft Barometer" (Center for Retail Research) is reflected in the actions of Dutch companies such as T-Mobile and Vodafone who are now utilizing selection systems such as HRVision’s SavvyIntegrity as a means to filter out dishonest individuals from their candidate pool early in the recruitment stage. HRVision Ltd, presently the only company providing integrity systems to leading European markets, are the developers of a unique 20 minute multimedia integrity test whose aim is to attenuate the millions of Euros lost to employee theft each year. In the UK, Effectivate manager Tim Hodder, a distributor for SavvyRecruiter computer based assessment testing system, imparts that retailers are finally acknowledging the importance of prescreening for integrity and are starting to look into sophisticated methods to more effectively filter out dishonest candidates. "Forward looking companies", says Tim Hodder, "are no longer willing to turn a blind eye to the scale of the employee theft problem. Retail companies are now open to the idea that it is justifiable and cost effective to assess integrity and subsequently identify troublesome individuals before they become employees.” The link for "The European Retail Theft Barometer" is
August 2006 - HRVision Releases Version 3.1
In line with the goal of providing the most advanced assessment systems on the market, HRVision has released SavvyRecruiter Version 3.1. This latest version of the company's unique assessment system incorporates a combination of new features and enhancements that represent a further breakthough in expert systems technology, increased functionality and a richer user experience. One of the main enhancements of version 3.1 includes a refinement of the "expert system" algorithms which enables identifying and treating exceptional cases accordingly. Besides leading to an improved model validity, this new element offers the user a "window" into expert job profile components that were previously hidden behind the "black box" artificial intelligence agent. Enrichments for the user include newly available graphical depiction of correlation of the traits that are crucial to performance on the job, increased reporting functionality options and an online help mechanism.Version 3.1 is available in all HRVision computing platforms (Web, Client/Server and Standalone), and in 8 languages.
August 2006 - Academic Advisor joins the HRVision Team
HRVision is pleased to welcome Professor Samuel Shye as an academic advisor in the realm of intelligence tests (theory, test construction and assessment) for the company’s flagship product – SavvyRecruiter Tests. Professor Shye (, of Hebrew University and the Van Leer Institute, will be employing his well known facet theory and methodology as a basis for the SavvyRecruiter Assessment Solution (which includes a full battery of tests - intelligence, work competencies and personality). “Facet Theory is an approach to theory construction and measurement in behavioral sciences that integrates formal content design with data analysis. I am pleased to be able to utilize the synthesis of the many disciplines in such an innovative project that seeks to substantiate the connection between newly available technologies and, the theory and methodology behind behavioral science", says Professor Shye. “Professor Shye’s expertise in artificial and human intelligence, creative problem solving, statistics and computerization will be of tremendous value to the HRVision team who are engaged in an ongoing effort to ensure a highly evolved and advanced test battery” says Ami Rosenblat, CEO of HRVision.
July 2006 - HRVision Savvy Expert Methodology to be presented at ICAP, Greece
Owing to its innovative and unique approach in the field of job-person fit, HRVision Ltd. has been chosen to present at the 26th International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP 2006). Held in Athens, Greece, July 16-21, 2006, this scientifically oriented program, will include a presentation on the HRVision Expert Methodology as part of the “Beyond Abilities and Skills: The Role of Personality in Self and Organizational Selection Processes” symposium . “The HRVision Methodology aims to address one of the main challenges in hiring new employees – the cross matching of candidates’ personal attributes with the requirements demanded by a specific job in a specific organization” says Shoshi Surkis, chief psychologist and presenter for HRVision. “SavvyExpert, the computerized selection instrument based on a non linear algorithm succeeds in identifying the attributes of desirable candidates by examining personal attributes with relation to performance evaluations of existing workers. HRVision is pleased to be recognized for the advanced and breakthrough technology it brings to the organizational psychology arena which directly aligns with the theme of the Athens Congress emphasizing ‘contributions of psychology to problems of the individual and society’.”
December 2005 - HRVision offers its Solution Online
HRVision Ltd. has recently expanded their product line to include access over the internet via their own ASP model. Enterprises using the HRVision assessment software solutions can now benefit from the numerous conveniences of geographic and platform independence, while addressing the key business requirements necessary for a highly reliable human capital assessment solution. Advantages to this HRVision internet solution include rapid deployment, instant accessibility and a reduction in software management tasks and related costs that basically allows companies to enjoy a maintenance free operation Eliminating the need for installation at a customer’s premise, the ASP solution allows clients instant access to the system just by registering with an HRVision authorized dealer for the desired number of assessment tests. Among the existing HRVision customers currently utilizing the SavvySolutions suite via ASP architecture are the various ministries of the Mexican Federal Government and Nuon Corporation, the pre-eminent Dutch energy provider.
March 2005 - US Analyst Foresees Expert Systems as Key to Hiring Technology
Dr. Charles Handler, a non vendor affiliated US analyst for online selection solutions foresees an expanded role for Expert Systems in the selection process and believes they have "tremendous potential for helping organizations systematically make more effective hiring decisions". In his recent Electronic Recruiting Exchange article 'Technology and Managerial Hiring: What to Expect in the Near Future', Dr Handler states that: "Expert systems are the key to using technology to create value for managerial hiring because they facilitate the automation of the "whole is greater than the sum of its parts" methodology that is critical to predicting success for positions with complex responsibilities." As president and founder of Rocket-Hire (, Dr. Handler's interests lie in the developing technologies that change the hiring paradigm and create new strategic models for employee selection (to read the full article go to:
January 2005 - HRVision Announces SavvyWizard: An Automatic Job Profiling Device
HRVision has recently unveiled the incorporation of an automatic job profiling device, to enhance its SavvyRecruiter product suite. This uniquely conceptual device, The SavvyWizard, facilitates automatic in house creation of organization specific job profiles by defining core elements of the job that most keenly affect job performance. Using a sophisticated online questionnaire, SavvyWizard functions as a "computerized consultant / organizational psychologist", that assists the work manager, supervisor or HR personnel in breaking down the specified job into components that are measured and weighted with respect to their importance in the job. Ticking off responses to the Job Analysis Wizard results in a highly accurate job profile that mirrors the individual and unique nuances inherent to each job position. The resulting profile includes the set of tests most relevant for the job, along with a unique scoring algorithm, which calculates the suitability of each candidate. Taking the relevant SavvyRecruiter test set results in the generation of a detailed report entailing a full assessment of the candidate's predicted performance. Emmanuel Cohen, VP Research of HRVision says: "The SavvyWizard tool represents a true breakthrough in the breadth and scope of job profiling where proper definition and measurement of job elements can be very challenging even to the most seasoned personnel. It gives our customers an instant but highly accurate job profile to measure candidates against, and rank between them accordingly".
October 2004 - HRVision Announces Appointment of Scientific Advisor
HRVision is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Lilach Sagiv as Scientific Advisor to their enterprise assessment software company. She will advise on all ongoing and future R&D projects. Dr. Lilach Sagiv, a senior lecturer at the School of Business Administration, Hebrew University, is studying the role of values at the micro, meso and macro level and their implications in career counseling, occupational psychology, organizational behavior and work team cultures. She received her PHD from the Hebrew University Department of Psychology and is currently on sabbatical at the Department of Psychology of the University of Michigan. "We are very pleased to add such an experienced individual as Dr. Sagiv to the HRVision team" states Ami Rosenblat CEO HRVision. "Dr Sagiv's orientation combining theoretical psychological research with associated practical implications in the organizational psychology domain makes her fields of expertise very relevant to our organization". "I am very excited to be involved in the implementation of such breakthrough technology in the field of assessment solutions", says Dr. Sagiv. "HRVision's unique conceptual approach to personnel selection systems and its corresponding technological application indicates a serious paradigm shift in assessment tools".
August 2004 -Leading Beverage Company Implements Artificial Intelligence Based Selection
Jafora Tabori, the second largest beverage company in Israel, has successfully implemented HRVision's fully automated, in house assessment solution as a key recruiting tool for their thriving beverage enterprise. In an effort to streamline the selection process and enable reliable "on the spot" decision making, Jafora Tabori has chosen Savvy Expert Solution to be their assessment tool of choice for 2 critical positions in the company – drivers and production floor workers. The key to the highly reliable bottom line assessment lies in the unique artificial intelligence-based job profiles that are created using Jafora Tabori performance benchmarks for each of those positions. The process involved testing a sample population of existing workers with the Savvy Recruiter Testing Module and correlating the results with organizational job performance ranking. The resulting automatically defined job profiles provide a basis for which to compare candidate future job performance to those who work now in the organization. In addition to drivers and production floor workers, Jafora Tabori has implemented the Savvy Integrity test as a go/no go prerequisite pre-screening tool for all candidates. "While technology investments and quality process improvements are essential for manufacturing facilities, it is obvious that hiring effectiveness is a crucial key to the success of any enterprise" says Amnon Dayagi, VP Purchasing & HR for the company. And, although Jafora Tabori has always prided itself on being in the forefront of the manufacturing facilities sporting enviable levels of technology to run their plant, the addition of the HRVision Solution now brings recruitment into the 21st century". Adds Nomi Keneti' Jafora's HR Manager, "The user friendly multi media test module is well liked by the candidates and is proving to be a cost effective and easy tool for recruiting the individuals that would make the most suitable match to our enterprise". Future plans include expansion of the Savvy Expert tool into additional company divisions including sales & marketing.
May 2004 - Amitronics is renamed HRVision
Amitronics, a provider of groundbreaking employment assessment solutions, has been renamed HRVision, reflecting the Company's unique approach to handling the challenges facing human resources departments. Concurrent to changing the Company's name, HRVision is stepping up marketing and sales efforts to increase worldwide penetration of its product line.
February 2004 - Effectivate chosen as UK distributor for Amitronics
Amitronics has selected software and service provider Effectivate as a distributor in the UK. Effectivate offers a range of training and consulting services and products that are aimed at increasing the effectiveness of company recruitment programs. "Effectivate is delighted to be providing UK organizations with the full line of Amitronics' revolutionary employment assessment solutions," says Tim Hodder, Effectivate's managing director. "Until now, companies have expressed their doubt over pre-employment assessment tools due to their low levels of reliability and validity. However, Amitronics' range of solutions stands out among the competition, dramatically improving the hiring effectiveness of organizations."
December 2003 - Amitronics releases SavvyExpert, a revolutionary system
Amitronics has released SavvyExpert, the first human resources assessment solution that combines domain expertise with advanced data-mining techniques. SavvyExpert, which joins the Company's line of employment assessment solutions, creates "organizational profiles" for a job via patented optimization technology, thereby improving the prediction accuracy of a candidate's performance in a particular job.
October 2003 - Amitronics selects ICTS Global as Brazil distributor
Amitronics has chosen ICTS Global as its distributor in Brazil. ICTS Global is a leading international risk, loss prevention and security consulting firm specializing in the reduction of risk to life, assets, information and client reputation. ICTS Global will focus its distribution efforts of Amitronics' line of employment assessment solutions on loss prevention in the retail sector. "We are very pleased to work with Amitronics as a partner," says Dudu Even-Haim, ICTS Global partner and CTO. "After thoroughly researching the employment assessment market, we determined that the Amitronics solution suite is a perfect fit with our strategy and range of solutions." ICTS Global has installed SavvyRecruiter in two of Brazil's largest supermarket chains in order to conduct integrity tests of employees at all levels in the organization.