Occupational interests

As an assessment of interests rather than abilities or aptitudes SavvyOccupational Interests test, aims to identify employees' most rewarding career path for purposes of internal development or adaptation to the volatile business environments. The goal of the Vocational Interests questionnaire is to map the respondent's most dominant interests to find out if these interests make them a good match for the job for which they're applying. Therefore The Occupation Interests test resides directly on the SavvyRecruiter platform and can be utilized as a key factor in vocational interests decision making and relevant job suitability issues.

Savvy Occupational Interest test module is a unique and innovative addition to the interactive SavvyRecruiter test battery. Based on Professor John Holland's theory, this test checks a person's specific level of preference for work in 6 different occupational environments: technical, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and administrative. Unlike other vocational interests tests in which results are derived from a person's self reported written responses, HRVision has leveraged their technological expertise to create subliminally presented test questions on an interactive multimedia platform. This unique presentation of test material enables significantly decreasing the test taker's ability to affect social desirability - the act of molding answers to fit what they think the "proper" response should be.