Revolutionary Employee Assessment Tool for the Call Center Market Segment

HRVision's expert profiling tool (SavvyExpert) has been developed to address key demands in the call center employee assessment market that would lead to increased performance and decreased employee turnover. Wthout raising costs or comprising quality, SavvyExpert utilizes a unique sales and service oriented test battery encased in a sophisticated profiling platform that enables identifying and "cloning" top performers for any call center job. Since 2005 the solution's unprecedented ability to predict performance has led telecommunications and contact center around the world to choose the HRVision solution over any other.

Challenges of highly qualified selection in call center mass recruitment:

Although call center organizations usually take the time for employee assessment, the procedure is lengthy, expensive and not empirically correlated to actual performance parameters. So although call centers continue to use traditional assessment techniques to find the optimal performer, employee turnover continues to be high and performance levels less than desired.

Breakthrough Solution:

SavvyExpert enables mapping one candidate's suitability to any number of jobs with the highest level of predictive validity (>0.6) on the market. Utilizing an embedded artificial intelligence element, SavvyExpert is the first employee assessment that can predict future job performance relative to real life performance parameters in just 90 minutes.

How does it work? With one integrated platform that enables:

  1. Analyzing existing employers for traits and performance
  2. Generating highly sophisticated job profile based on algorithms
  3. Testing candidates and predicting their performance with extremely high accuracy