Revolutionary Employee Assessment Tool for Financial Services

The HRVision Solution was developed in order to meet the increasing demand in the financial services market for reducing employment turnover and raising performance levels. Since its release in 2005 the banks, insurance and investment around the world that have implemented the HRVision solution have seen significantly improved employee performance and enjoyed cost effective recruiting. In fact, 100% of those who underwent the SavvyExpert Pilot implemented the solution.

Challenges of highly qualified selection in mass recruitment:

Although financial services usually take the time for in depth trait analysis, the procedure is lengthy, expensive and not empirically correlated to actual performance parameters. Whether frontal sales or telephone service serves as the medium for job performance, the unique sales and service oriented tests double the accuracy for choosing the high performing employee.


SavvyExpert enables mapping one candidate's suitability to any number of jobs with the highest level of predictive validity (>0.6) in just 90 minutes through the use of a unique artificial intelligence element embedded in the profiles. SavvyIntegrity is an optional built in tool that verifies within 21 minutes precise levels of the candidate's integrity

How does it work? With one integrated platform that enables:

  1. Analyzing existing employers for traits and performance
  2. Generating highly sophisticated job profile based on algorithms
  3. Testing candidates and predicting their performance and integrity with extremely high accuracy

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