The Revolutionary Tool for Integrity Assessment in the Retail Market Segment

The HRVision Integrity Solution was developed to meet the retail market demand for a non invasive, sophisticated integrity testing tool to identify those candidates with a propensity to engage in dishonest behaviors. Since its release in 1997 retail operations around the world that have implemented the HRVision solution have seen significant reduction in shrinkage rates caused by employee theft and decreased employee turnover.

Challenges of effectively measuring integrity levels in mass recruitment:

Although there are many integrity testing options on the market they are generally not technologically advanced enough to accurately predict levels of the integrity related constructs without being non invasive.

Breakthrough Technology:

SavvyIntegrity uses a number of uniquely crafted technologies to create a computer model that is a synthesis of highly accurate physiological body response (polygraph-like) measures with tried and true investigative/ interview techniques. Embedded in a user friendly multimedia platform, the test achieves high levels of accuracy with:

  • Inherent sophisticated scoring algorithms
  • Precise response measurement (up to .10 sec) - latent response technology
  • Control questions and scaled response items
  • Advanced social desirability tracking

How does it work?

  1. Setting the various acceptance threshold levels per job profile.
  2. Examinee takes the 21 minute computerized test using earphones and a mouse.
  3. On the spot scoring enables immediately generating the conclusive report detailing level of risk

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