NO NEED FOR consultants in your selection process!

Why do some HR managers (even inhouse) tend to require consulting services in their selection process?

Many techniques have been developed to address the challenge of finding the right person for the job. However, few of these methods have been successful in fully tackling the problem. An employee may have the necessary intelligence, but not the necessary patience, for a particular position. Another worker may possess the appropriate interpersonal skills, but lack the required ability. Yet another staffer may have a great memory for detail, but cracks under pressure. As a result usually consulting services are called in to help make the leap between job analysis (or job description) and what traits are needed for the job. Those consultants will use their experience to interpret the results of the selection tool according to the traits they selected as critical to performance.

Why wouldn't I need consultants if I worked with the HRVision solution?

The HRVision solution solves the ongoing challenge for the HR personnel by providing one smooth integrated platform between profiling tools, testing unit and report mechanism. This means that even laymen who might not know how to either do a job analysis or decide what traits are necessary for the job, are able to rely on HRVision's built in experience to guide them through the online easily learned process and application.

Is this program autonomous?

HRVision has created the SavvyRecruiter for use at every level of administration, recruitment and human resources. The program can be completely autonomous in that all the tools needed for complete utilization of all the features are already present in the solution. However, HRVision, as the provider of a solution with such powerful and innovative features, is always available for technical and professional support as part of their service.

What if the job changes? What if the managers change?

The HRVision solution was developed with the awareness that the nature of work environment is dynamic and changes that occur need to reflected in the selection system. All job profiles can be updated as necessary without having to retest the candidates – just regenerate a new report according to the new job requirements.

What kind of training does this require?

The HRVision solution can be run by either layman or professional that is seeking a sophisticated but easy to use tool for selection purposes. Because the program's features are modular, the level of depth and intensity can be regulated according to the user. Training for running the system(done by the local distributor in your country) :profiling, testing, and reporting, is minimum owing to the user friendly application and extensive online help.