The reporting mechanism on the SavvyRecruiter platform offers users a sophisticated yet flexible tool for determining a candidate's suitability to the designated job. Regardless of which profiling tool has been used in the process, the reports offer a plethora of information on the candidate, including numerical scores and literal descriptions, and job suitability recommendations. Although the reporting mechanism has been developed so to provide the end user with the maximum amount of information, the user has the option of determining which information should be included in the report.

Among the types of reports available:

  • Predictive Performance Report (for Expert, Wizard and Competency Profiles)
  • Integrity Report
  • Occupational Interests Report
  • Job Ranking Report
  • Candidate Ranking Report

The reports in Savvy are generated both automatically and on demand by linking an examinee's name with a job profile. This enables having the candidate take the SavvyRecruiter test once and subsequently at any time, any type of report can be generated for any job profile. The reports are saved in the highly secure organizational database and can be viewed at any time.

The reports, available immediately following testing provide graphic and literal display of a plethora of information including:

  • Clear Recommendation for hire: pass/fail
  • Overall job suitability score and its distance from the threshold
  • Absolute performance measurement
  • Compliance to acceptance terms
  • Advantages/disadvantages to the job

Although the reports are generated automatically (as opposed to hand written reports), the amount of information is extensive and job specific. The use of sophisticated mathematical formulae in the interpretation of the results facilitates high levels of predictive validity.