Aiming to enhance operation and user flexibility SavvyTester enables the option of test taking from a candidate’s home or any remote environment in order to free organizations from having to rely on their own testing environment resources. Based on Microsoft's Silverlight technology the remote testing mechanism utilizes minimal computer resources and entails an easy setup procedure, this enables potential candidates for employment at an organization to be directed to access their designated test battery from any location with a user name and password sent to them by the host organization. Once the test has been performed, the program automatically removes itself from the candidates’ computer without a trace but not without first having stored and encrypted the test results in the host organization’s database. Developed to offer organizations a number of options for testing candidates SavvyTester can seamlessly become a part of the organization’s applicant tracking system and bundled into the full hiring process, without the presence of the candidate required at the testing phase.

Savvy Test Modules
Technical Requirements
Savvy Architecture