HRVISION Differentiators

Multiple profiles for one job

Its no secret that organizations face a tremendous challenge identifying the right combinations of traits that would relate to on-the-job effective performance. What makes it harder is that it is apparent that individuals possessing varied capabilities and personalities can be suitable for the very same job position. However, to date, almost all solutions in the market support the creation of just "one ultimate profile per job".

Recognizing that different types of people can be good at one job, HRVision has met this challenge by implanting sophisticated algorithms in the profiling process itself. This enables for the first time creating "multiple profiles for one job" meaning that several differing combinations of traits and abilities can each be counted as a viable profile. These multiple profiles are marked and identified when groups of strong correlations are found between performance in the field and traits and abilities those performers possess.

No Consultants Necessary

The HRVision solution solves the ongoing challenge for the HR personnel by providing one smooth integrated platform between profiling tools, testing unit and report mechanism. This means that even laymen who might not know how to either do a job analysis or decide what traits are necessary for the job, are able to rely on HRVision's built in experience to guide them through the online, easily learned process and application.

Artificial Intelligence

The HRVision uses statistical formulas that find correlations between traits and actual performance - thus utilizing empirical facts instead of relying on intuition.

Integrated Platform

One integrated platform for profiling device, testing mechanism and report generation: That means that any level recruiter (not necessarily human resource expert) can give a go no go answer for the candidate with proven predictive validity of above 0.6.

One Orgnizational Database

One single internet database of all examinees' traits and abilities that can be used across the company (and across locations) to measure, suitability to various jobs, individual training needs, promotions and internal mobility – all with a one time 90 minutes test and subsequent generation of various reports.